We are dedicated to be the catalyst for change in businesses with the ultimate purpose of creating and delivering value throughout the business value chain irrespective of the stage of the business life-cycle the entity has reached.


We want to become a renowned brand to enable the conduct of good, clean and sustainable business supported by a robust governance structure, sound cost management principles, a strong risk management framework and adequate policies, procedures and processes.


A differentiated service proposition that offers what the business needs to add or create value, helps businesses be innovative, address shortcomings, get them ready for the next big steps and address succession planning including the potential development of exit strategies.


We want to be your trusted partner. Creating trust through validity and knowledge and demonstrating that Embark is a brand that can always be relied upon.


Extensive experience in providing management and business support to companies operating in different sectors of the economy.
• Strong expertise in transforming the way entities manage information.
• Strong knowledge of accounting standards and local business regulation.


Embark coordinates resources and ensures that the required resources and expertise are made available as and when required to address the needs of the specific client and / or task at hand.


Service that builds harmony between Embark and our clients.

• Open, fast and easy communication through a single contact person.
• Each client is assigned a Relationship Manager to ensure a smooth and straightforward service delivery process.


We are a team of persons including ‘Subject-Matter Experts’ with extensive knowledge and years of experience in various specialised areas which your business may require support in.

We serve businesses in the process of consolidating their business or preparing for an expansion strategy or project/s.

We also support new entrepreneurial ideas to find fertile ground and develop into a sustainable and robust business that creates value and establish itself in the market to forge ahead of competition.


I. Business planning with a focus to unleash and create value and implementation of a vision and strategies that dedicate resources and effort to what the market really needs.

II. Process reengineering with a view to reduce inefficiencies in the business, support operations and enable the business to be proactive and responsive to the market needs.

III. Corporate restructuring through determining and assisting in the implementation of the right company structure to deliver value to the market and do business.

IV. Setting up governance structures tailor-made to the needs and characteristics of the business.

V. Setting up funding structures that best meet the needs of your business.

VI. Advising and supporting implementation of accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to complement the whole business structure to operate efficiently and provide the necessary management information for monitoring and control.

VII. Providing the necessary assistance in other support functions including Finance, HR, IT and Corporate Services.

VIII. Organising corporate and internal staff events to promote:
• Business and tap new or existent markets.
• Culture and good business values.
• Modern business traits including leadership, motivational and team building activities.