Regulatory Advisory

Navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving regulatory rulebooks is not an easy task.  We provide specialised regulatory consulting and advisory services fully tailored to the needs of your institution to help you reduce your regulatory burden.

Our services cut across the business lifecycle – including institutions at the authorisation and post-authorisation stages to institutions that are already authorised but require assistance in building compliance capacity.

Our team of specialists will help you reduce time and resources spent on compliance matters while at the same time ensuring that compliance makes a positive contribution to the company’s business and growth.

We tailor our regulatory advisory service offering to the following categories of entities:

Credit & Financial Institutions
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Corporate Service Providers
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VFA Service Providers
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Insurance Undertakings
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Listed Entitites
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Running a compliant business

For a regulated entity, it is important to feel confident that it is operating in a compliance manner on an on-going basis.  Our approach to regulatory compliance is based on an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the sector.  

Through its subsidiary entity Compliance 360 Limited , Embark further offers tailored retainer services.  Our team of experts will provide ongoing support in an ever-changing environment to give you confidence that ongoing regulatory obligations will be met to a high standard. We can tailor our retainer services to your requirements ranging from a fully outsourced compliance function to the provision of ad-hoc services, as an interim solution to your compliance needs.

Compliance 360 Limited further offers AML/CFT Advisory Services as well as Risk Management Services.

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