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Discover how Embark may assist your business through its deep-rooted insight, understanding and experience in various sectors of local and international business

Unregulated Business (Corporates)
Large businesses in Malta have the resources and expertise to compete but face significant challenges in the conduct of their business.
Unregulated Small Businesses (Start-ups)
We are passionate about helping small-sized and family businesses succeed through generations and guiding start-ups to bring their innovative ideas to life. Start-ups
Regulated Businesses
Financial service firms are constantly facing new challenges and opportunities in today's fast-paced and highly competitive markets. We offer expert guidance and support to help make informed decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and achieve business goals.
How can we help?

We want to be your trusted partner. Creating trust through validity and knowledge. Demonstrating that Embark is a brand that can always be relied upon. We are a boutique firm offering specialised services and personalised attention. We pride ourselves in offering a high quality service delivery.

Experience and Expertise

Extensive experience in providing management, business and regulatory support to companies operating in different sectors of the economy.

  • Strong expertise in transforming the way entities manage information.
  • Strong knowledge of accounting standards and local business regulation.
  • Extensive insight into regulatory compliance requirements.
Truly a one-stop-shop

Embark coordinates resources and ensures that the required resources and expertise are made available as and when required to address the needs of the specific client and/or task at hand.

Personal and Direct

Service that builds harmony between Embark and our clients.

  • Open, fast and easy communication through a single contact person.
  • Each client is assigned a Relationship Manager to ensure a smooth and straightforward service delivery process.