Additional Services

Embark is committed to offer comprehensive support to help you achieve your business goals.  We firmly believe that there can be significant benefits in a one-stop service proposition.  To this end, Embark offers a number of additional services, including:

Through our service offering, we will help you integrate technology into all areas of business, thereby fundamentally changing how your company operates and delivers value to its customers. We will  assist in the development and execution of your company’s digitalisation strategy.

We can assist in the development of human resources including:

  • the search and selection of roles within the finance function;
  • the implementation of performance and reward management systems;
  • the implementation of mentoring programmes, including personal development plans;
  • the adoption of sound human resource policies and procedures that promote values and a good work ethic;
  • the provision of ad hoc training programmes ranging from developing strong soft skills to well-being practices

We also provide:

  • Advice in relation to critical HR matters;
  • Legal advice on key HR issues;
  • Payroll services and related advise
Specialised AML/CFT, Risk Management & Compliance

Embark has in 2021 set up a subsidiary entity named Compliance 360 Limited, which specialises in AML/CFT services, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance, mostly directed at regulated businesses.  In establishing Compliance 360 Limited, Embark leveraged its expert resources in compliance and risk management, thereby enabling the provision of highly specialised services to the regulated sector.

Through Compliance 360 Limited, Embark mainly offers:

Our team of experts will provide ongoing support in an ever-changing regulatory environment to give you confidence that ongoing regulatory obligations are met. We can tailor our retainer services to your requirements ranging from a fully outsourced compliance function to the provision of ad-hoc services, as an interim solution to your compliance needs.

Compliance 360 Limited will assist in developing a robust AML/CFT framework, assist in carrying out customer due diligence and perform AML/CFT risk assessments. Through its services, Compliance 360 Limited will ensure your company’s ongoing compliance with the ever-changing regulatory requirements through the carrying out of compliance reviews, assisting in handling regulatory requests and executing remediation plans.

Compliance 360 Limited offers various service propositions including assuming the risk manager role through an outsourcing model.  Our team of experienced risk professionals will assist in developing a risk culture within your organisation through the development of a risk management framework.

We are the sole authorised representatives of eBos Technologies Limited – an intuitive and modular solution for effective and efficient Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRC).  Through the deployment of WiseBOS Suite, we can assist you in the implementation of an Entreprise Risk Management (ERM) system which caters for all your risk management requirements.  Additional modules of the WiseBOS Suite system includes AML and KYC monitoring tools which would facilitate AML compliance.

Services through our network of trusted partners

We have further developed a network of trusted partners, through which specialised services are offered to Embark clients:

Through our network of trusted partners, we can provide various tax advisory services including:

  • Specialist tax advice
  • Tax structuring
  • Corporate international tax
  • Tax advisory and compliance
  • Succession planning

We will leverage on our network of trusted partners to assist and advise from a legal perspective on any regulatory and/or statutory requirements incumbent on your institution. Through our legal partners, we can handle cross-border issues with partner law firms in jurisdictions across the globe thereby ensuring a holistic outlook on regulatory compliance matters. Our partners are also aptly equipped to handle the drafting and reviewing of policies and agreements as well as providing assurance on the soundness of contractual agreements.