Corporate Advisory Services

Corporates face a variety of challenges in today’s complex business environment, including competition, regulation, financial and operational resilience, sustainibility and talent management.  In this context, corporates face business-critical decisions frequently.

In many cases, sustaining value and growth may require corporates to adopt a bold strategic approach such as by entering a merger and/or acquisition, restructuring business or tapping into alternative sources of funding such as the capital markets.

With a deep understanding of the market and a commitment to delivering objective and independent advice, we can help you navigate the challenges of the corporate world.  We provide advice to a range of sectors including manufacturing, construction, hospitality, healthcare and financial services.

We offer a range of corporate advisory services, including:

Carry out feasibility studies to accompany an important project or launch of a new business line or acquiring an existent business or merging with another business.

Prepare business valuations to be used in the process of a merger or an acquisition, a sale of shares and the execution of a business exit strategy.

Address financial distress by conducting an ad hoc assessment of the challenges afflicting the business and devise a plan of remediation, not only to help address the issues but create a sustainable financial backbone to help the business survive and eventually pursue growth.

Devise the risk appetite of the business and develop a sound risk management framework to help identify, measure and manage risks. We will assist in embedding this through the company’s governance structures so that risk management becomes entrenched in the conduct of the day-to-day business operations.

Through of trusted specialised partners, we provide various tax advisory services including:

  • Specialist tax advice;
  • Tax structuring;
  • Corporate international tax;
  • Tax advisory and compliance;
  • Succession planning

Intellectual Property (IPs) can be a valuable asset to corporates that create value through a number of ways including monetisation (in the event of a sale of an IP), facilitate the attraction of investment and business partners. The creation of value through an IP may be complex at times, requiring expert financial and tax advice.

A merger or acquisition is more than just a short-cut to growth.  Such transactions have a critical impact on the business, the shareholders and the wider stakeholders.  We can help throughout the whole process providing inter alia corporate finance advice, due diligence, valuations and post-merger integration.

The local capital market continues to grow year-on-year, offering listed entities a sizeable opportunity to raise funding either through capital or debt. We can help you assess the right form of capital best suited to your company and assist you at various stages of the process.  We further offer on-going regulatory advisory services aimed at ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements emanating from the Capital Markets Rules and the Prospects MTF requirements.