Financial Advisory

Throughout the business lifecycle, companies face key decisions that shape their financial future and their ability to generate future value for shareholders. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with running a business and we have the knowledge and expertise to advise on key financial decisions.  From developing a clear business plan and strategy, to sourcing funding or tapping into EU/government schemes, we will help develop the right financial strategy, allowing the company to reach its full potential by making the most of available financial resources.

We offer a range of financial advisory services, including:

A business plan is an instrument that embodies entrepreneurial ideas that are translated into concrete actions to reap the desired benefits to the same entrepreneurs. It provides focus to achieve what an organisation exists for. It has to be a yardstick against which management can measure progress.

We provide assistance in business planning. We do this with a difference and a passion to unleash and create value. We do this by helping out throughout the whole process of preparing a business plan from devising a vision and a set of strategies for the business to implementation and monitoring of results achieved through the execution of such strategies. We will assist in ensuring that resources and effort are directed to value-driven activities and to what the market really needs.

We will assist in setting up and conducting workshops for management and key staff to:

  • discuss business initiatives and ideas,
  • devise the mission, vision and strategic objectives and goals
  • set strategies

We complement the business plan process with the preparation of financial projections and forecasts using sophisticated financial models that, where applicable, facilitate scenario analysis and stress testing.

We support businesses in discussions with banks and investors to raise the necessary financing.  In this regard, we ensure that the business plan is a persuasive tool to attract the necessary funding to support the business.  We provide guidance towards sourcing the most appropriate funding for business and help re-structure funding models where necessary.

We support businesses in identifying and applying for national and EU funding for business.  We assist in ensuring that the necessary documentation (including a business plan) is in place as well as assist in discussions with the relevant institutions.

Business leaders need to be prepared for all circumstances during the business life cycle including through the development of exit strategies.  An exit strategy provides a plan for realising the return on investment in the event of a sale to a strategic buyer, provides assurances to key stakeholders by providing a clear path forward and enables for an orderly wind-down in unforeseen circumstances.  We assist businesses develop an appropriate exit strategy depending on the goals, circumstances and timeline of the business, as well as market conditions and the state of the business.

Through our trusted specialised partners, we provide various tax advisory services including:

  • Specialist tax advice;
  • Tax structuring;
  • Corporate international tax;
  • Tax advisory and compliance;
  • Succession planning