Businesses that succeed are well-structured, adopt a good decision-making process and have developed effective internal controls. Without good governance, an organisation lacks policies and procedures to ensure accuracy, consistency and responsiveness to key stakeholders including customers, shareholders and regulators.

We offer assistance in adopting the right company structure according to the stage the organisation is in its business life cycle.

We help setting up an efficient decision-making process with clearly defined policies and procedures that together make up a sound internal control framework to address and reduce the risks that afflict the entity during the normal conduct of its business.

We will ensure that apart from adopting an effective internal structure, the business exploits external opportunities, adopts an efficient tax structure and taps any assistance made available by the Government. Through our network within the various industries, we are able to guide you towards setting up a well-structured board of directors through the appointment of suitably qualified and experienced independent non-executive directors.

We further offer various services to fill in gaps in the organisational chart through various engagement models such as outsourcing, in-sourcing and job shadowing.

Succession planning is a key risk which is often under-estimated by the Board and management, which left unmitigated may have a devastating impact on the operational resilience of any company, particularly small-to-medium sized entities. Succession planning needs to be undertaken at various levels of the organisation, starting from the shareholding (particularly when the company is a family-run business or owned by a single individual), Board and Management.

Planning for succession often involves an element of lateral thinking to shake up the status quo. We will assist you in devising your succession plan aimed at reducing reliance on key individuals and in implementing processes, such as introducing non-financial KPIs, to assist management gauge the succession risks from time to time.

The company’s organisation structure needs to evolve along with the growth in business, complexity of operations and risks involved in carrying out business. In this respect, a restructuring of the governance set-up may be necessary to re-gain operational efficiencies and instil better internal controls.  We will assist in the development and implementation of the right company structure to deliver value to the market and to the business.

Companies aiming to tap funds from capital markets need to make a significant leap to meet initial and ongoing regulatory requirements.  Our experienced team of governance experts will help you meet the minimum governance standards by assisting in the development of a robust governance framework, built around a sound suite of policies and procedures.

We can assist in the development of human resources including:

  • the search and selection of roles within the finance function;
  • the implementation of performance and reward management systems;
  • the implementation of mentoring programmes, including personal development plans;
  • the adoption of sound human resource policies and procedures that promote values and a good work ethic;
  • the provision of ad hoc training programmes ranging from developing strong soft skills to well-being practices