A business plan is an instrument that embodies entrepreneurial ideas that are translated into concrete actions to reap the desired benefits to the same entrepreneurs. It provides focus to achieve what an organisation exists for. It has to be a yardstick against which management can measure progress.

We provide assistance in business planning. We do this with a difference and a passion to unleash and create value. We do this by helping out throughout the whole process of preparing a business plan from devising a vision and a set of strategies for the business to implementation and monitoring of results achieved through the implementation of such strategies. We will assist in ensuring that resources and effort are directed to value-driven activities and to what the market really needs.

We will assist in setting up and conducting workshops for management and key staff to:

i. discuss business initiatives and ideas,

ii. devise the mission, vision and strategic objectives and goals,

iii. set strategies

We complement the business plan process with the preparation of financial projections and forecasts using sophisticated financial models that where applicable facilitate scenario analysis and stress testing.

We will also:

1. Financing– ensure that the business plan is a persuasive tool to attract the necessary capital / loans to support the business. In this regard, we support businesses in discussions with banks and investors to raise the necessary financing

2. Grants – ensure that the business plan is a persuasive tool to obtain grants made available by Government. In this regard, we support businesses in the grant application process and discussions with the relevant institutions.