Businesses that succeed are often well-structured and adopt a good decision-making process. Without good governance, an organisation lacks policies and procedures to ensure accuracy, consistency and responsiveness to key stakeholders including customers, shareholders and regulators.

We offer assistance in adopting the right company structure according to the stage the organisation is in its business life cycle.

We help setting up an efficient decision-making process with clearly defined policies and procedures that together make up a sound internal control framework to address and reduce the risks that afflict the entity in the course of the normal conduct of its business.

We will coordinate a team of experts to ensure that apart from adopting an efficient internal structure, the business exploits external opportunities, adopts an efficient tax structure and taps any assistance made available by the Government.

We will also:

1. Financial restructuring– address financial distress by conducting an ad hoc assessment of the pains afflicting the business and devise and adopt a          plan of remediation not only to help address the issues but create a sustainable financial backbone to help the business survive and eventually pursue growth.

2. Risk management – devise the risk appetite of the business and develop a sound risk management framework to help identify, measure and manage risks. We will assist in embedding this through the company’s governance structures so that risk management becomes entrenched in the conduct of the day-to-day business operations.