Internal Audit

An effective third line of defence is key to ensure the viability of the business model of companies. It provides an independent and objective assessment of the business operations, financial reporting, internal controls and risk management processes. Internal Audit further provides assurance on companies’ adherence to internal policies, procedures and external requirements.

A well-developed internal audit function allows companies to improve the overall control framework, enhance operational efficiency, better the transparency and accountability of financial reporting as well as compliance with laws and regulations.  An internal audit function may identify potential issues at an early stage, thereby minimising risk of loss from internal events such as fraud.

We will help you design and set up your internal audit function in line with your company’s specific needs.  We will provide you with detailed Audit Reports identifying areas for concern and providing actionable recommendations for improvement.

Our approach enables companies to unlock value by reaping tangible benefits from efficiency gains while minimising losses from unidentified risks or regulatory breaches.  We provide internal audit services to various industries including regulated and listed companies.

We will assist you in the adoption of a risk-based model, centred around the preparation of an Audit Universe and an annual Audit Plan fully tailored to your company’s needs.

Our service offering also includes the provision of IT audits performed through our network of partners.

We can tailor our engagement in one of the following models:

Provision of full internal auditing services through a retainer model

Provision of additional expertise or human resources to an existent internal audit function

Provision of interim services such as temporary filling of the internal auditor role

Offer training and mentoring to help nourish existent internal audit staff.