Businesses need leaders who are willing to work hard and stick to their goals. This leadership inspires others to commit to a strict work-ethic, aligned with the company’s mission. All employees must be committed and dedicated to the goal.

Even when times get tough and the road to success offers bumps and blockages, businesses need to persevere to achieve success. The majority of businesses bail when money is tight, or disagreements arise between founders.Successful businesses stick it out in turbulent waters and remember their end goal during difficult times.

We help businesses develop this work-ethic.

We also offer a specialised service for start-ups.

One of the reasons businesses succeed is that they reach consumers first with innovative products and services and more importantly how same products and services can change the life of consumers for the better – i.e. creation of value.

We work closely with businesses, especially start-ups in this respect, to help them ensure that what is presented to market is what customers want in a reasonable amount of time that makes them reach consumers first with an innovative product and/or service.

We will also:

1. Feasibility studies – carry out feasibility studies to accompany an important project or launch of a new business line or acquiring an existent business or merging with another business

2. Corporate valuations – prepare business valuations to be used in the process of a merger or an acquisition, a sale of shares and the execution of a business exit strategy.

3. Succession planning–  identify risks of loss of business knowledge as a consequence of heavy reliance on key persons and devise plans to address those risks. We will assist with implementing the plans including the introduction of non-financial KPIs to assist management gauge the risks from time to time.

1.People management – assist in the development of human resources including:

a. the implementation of performance and reward management systems;

b. the implementation of mentoring programmes, including personal development plans;

c. the adoption of sound human resource policies and procedures that promote values and a good work ethic;

d.the provision of ad hoc training programmes ranging from developing strong soft skills to well-being practices