Recent years have witnessed a significant increase in the number of start-up companies being set up locally, in various segments of business.  Start-ups face unique challenges at the initiation stages of their operations and require constant external support to thrive and grow.  Some common challenges faced by start-ups include:

Many startups struggle to secure adequate funding to launch and grow their business, thereby limiting their ability to hire staff, develop products and services, and reach new customers.
Competition and customer acquisition
Start-ups are often entering crowded markets, and must work hard to stand out from the competition.
As start-ups grow, they must be able to scale their operations to meet increasing demand. This can be challenging, as they must balance the need to invest in new resources with the need to maintain profitability.
Hiring and retention
Finding and retaining talented employees is a common challenge for start-ups.
Balancing short and long term goals
Start-ups must find a balance between achieving short-term goals to survive and thrive, and pursuing long-term strategies to ensure future success.

We’re passionate about helping startups bring their innovative ideas to life.  We understand the challenges that come with starting a new business and we stand ready to provide support through the way – from design stage to scaling up. In addition, we assist start-ups in benefiting from the various support measures offered by the Government which are specifically designed to alleviate financial pressures.

Family Businesses

Family businesses remain a vital part of Malta’s economy, providing a unique service proposition to the economy as well as stable employment.   Family businesses often have a long history and a strong connection to the community, making them an important part of local heritage.  Family businesses are often in a better position to offer a more personalized approach to business, allowing them to build strong relationships with customers and suppliers.

Family businesses face significant challenges in today’s economic and competitive environment, including:

Succession planning
Ensuring a smooth transition from one generation to the next can be the most challenging time for a family business.
Family businesses may face challenges in obtaining funding, as they are often viewed as high-risk due to their family ownership structure.

Despite these challenges, many family businesses have been successful for generations. As a family business grows, hard decisions may need to be taken in relation to the restructuring of management and operations as well as succession.  With proper advice, planning and management, family businesses can continue to thrive and deliver unique value to the various stakeholders.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are a critical component in the local economy, making up the majority of businesses in Malta. SMEs contribute significantly to Malta’s GDP, employment, and innovation.

However, Malta’s SMEs also face some significant challenges, including;

Access to finance and banking
SMEs often struggle to secure adequate funding to start, grow and invest in their businesses.
The highly competitive business environment, particularly in certain sectors, can make it difficult for SMEs to compete with larger, established businesses.
Skills and Talent
Attracting and retaining talented employees at the right price can be a challenge.
Lack of digitalization
Many SMEs in Malta have yet to fully embrace digital technologies, which can limit their ability to reach new customers and compete in the global market.
Access to international markets
SMEs in Malta still struggle to access international markets due to a lack of resources, networks, and experience.